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In this sea of lonely,

the taste of ink is getting old

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My name is Lennon, I'm a 21 year old wife to Zeke and mother to Quinn and another on the way.

I'm one of the most emotionally charged people you'll ever meet, I can go from hot to cold in 1 second flat and right back again just as quick. I love my family very much and cherish my time with them.
I want to write, I have ideas that come to me but somewhere along the way I lost my ability to process them all. I dont know at what point exactly that happened but I've got a good idea. Sometimes heartbreak and pain can take away the things you need most but it can give you some of the things you didnt know you needed at the same time. Life is odd like that.

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My husband makes me feel secure and vulnerable at the same time. We've been through a lot and its fair for me to say it hasnt been easy. Hes given me so much more than he had to and I love him with all I am. I know that if there really are such things as soulmates, he's got to be mine.